Sunday, February 5, 2012

Filmation FLASH GORDON Tribute Art

Art by Frank Cho. Colors by Val Staples.
A few years back, when BCI Entertainment first released the complete Filmation Saturday morning animated Flash Gordon series on DVD, the set came with two collectible "tribute" art cards featuring all-new renditions of the 1979 cartoon version of the characters by "name" comic book artists. The piece above, showcasing Filmation's Flash, Dale and Zarkov, is by Frank Cho, creator of the comic strip Liberty Meadows and artist on various Marvel Comics titles like The Mighty Avengers and Shanna The She-Devil. His famous talent for the sexy rendering of gorgeous women is well demonstrated by that luscious Dale Arden!

Art by Gene Ha.
This piece, by artist Gene Ha, spotlights the lovely Princess Aura, scion of Ming the Merciless, dictator of Mongo, and her huntress pack. Ha has drawn comics for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Malibu and Wildstorm.

These were neat little extras to find in the DVD box; I don't know if subsequent repackagings and reissues of the Flash Gordon cartoon series on disc have included these cards, but as a huge fan of the 1979 cartoon Flash, I love seeing these guys' interpretations of the Filmation designs. Beautiful.


  1. Excellent. Both cards are displayed just above the monitor I read this blog post from.

  2. I post a lot of images and I like this feature of yours very much. The little blurbs with information about the artist and the particular piece is fantastic. I post to many pieces to give each pieces the attention they deserve.

  3. Cool, thanks for posting those.

  4. I got this set used and it didn't come with the art cards :(

    Glad I can finally see what I was missing though.

  5. I'm glad I snagged this set (along with the cards) while it was still available. The new Dynamite Flash Gordon comic actually borrows the whole Ming/Hitler scenario from the Filmation movie, along with a heavy dose of the Dino DeLaurentis film.