Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unused SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN Comic Art by Staton

Here's an interesting find: an unpublished cover painting of The Six Million Dollar Man's Colonel Steve Austin battling an alligator by my friend and collaborator, legendary cartoonist Joe Staton, intended for the fourth issue of the 1976 Charlton Comics series. For some reason, a considerably less-dynamic piece by Jack Sparling was used instead.Cool, huh?


  1. Very cool. I have seen some pages of bionic art that was used for the larger comics, liked those too.

  2. Very nice.

    I have finally found my back tattoo!!!!

    Not really but this would be up there.

  3. It's a shame that Austin never fought a legion of bionic crocs and other critters.

    (Unless he did, and I totally missed it.)

  4. I can see why they didn't use it--sorta looks like he and the alligator are having... relations, while a tiny woman floats nearby.

  5. Very cool post.
    Yet, What's with the knife?
    He's Steve Austin The Bionic Man Not Tarzan.

  6. I just became aware of the Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 comics from Dynamite that started in January of this year. Has anyone read them yet? Are they any good? The covers look great, with a very 1970's feel to them.