Monday, June 25, 2012


Here's a handful of vintage TV Guide Ads for CBS' 1977 Amazing Spider-Man series, which starred Nicholas Hammond as the web-shooting wall-crawler.As with all of the super-hero shows of the Seventies, I really enjoyed the show (although admittedly, I haven't seen any of the episodes since).

As we've said here many times - these shows (and movies) didn't have the slick computer special effects and gargantuan budgets of today's genre productions (the total cost of all of these episodes probably wouldn't cover the craft services on this Summer's Amazing Spider-Man feature film), but that gutsy determination to try and put wall-crawling superheroes and star-spanning spaceships on the screen - crude as the results may look to today's jaded eyes - was a large part of their charm and appeal. We didn't see the flaws and technical weaknesses back then - our imaginations stepped up to fill in where the limitations of technology failed.


  1. One of my absolute favorite TV shows. Searched out and found the entire run of Rhino-released VHS tapes and had them burned onto DVD. I now have all episodes (and the movies) uploaded to my tablet for ease of watching everyplace. I love the "70's incidental music" when Spidey is skulking and wall-crawling.

  2. I remember liking it as a kid. Am I wrong in remembering that some of the episodes were stuck together and shown on TV as movies? I remember seeing the Planet of apes TV episodes getting that treatment in the early 80's, but I thought that the Spider-man show had that done as well.

  3. So impressed that you kept all these TV guide pages Chris. Glad you did.

    1. Not all of these are from my scrapbooks. Some I found online.