Wednesday, September 15, 2010


TVShowsOnDVD has the official press release and pre-ordering information for the upcoming Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Series DVD set from Universal/Time-Life.

The muscular set - the 4th most requested unreleased show at - will be housed in ultra-collectible packaging sporting an audio chip and eye-popping 3-D lenticular artwork. Across 40 DVDs, the complete series will feature all 100 digitally-preserved hour-long episodes, all of which have been remastered from the original, uncut broadcast versions. The set also contains more than 17 hours of all-new bonus material, specially created just for this collection, highlighted by new in-depth interviews with Lee Majors (Col. Steve Austin) and Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman), among others. Also included will be the three pilot movies "The Six Million Dollar Man", "Wine, Women and War", and "Solid Gold Kidnapping"; the three reunion movies "The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman", "Bionic Showdown" (with Sandra Bullock) and "Bionic Ever After?"; and the never-before-released cross-over episodes of The Bionic Woman, all of which have also been digitally restored from the original source material.* Additionally, for the true completist, the set also contains the alternative syndicated edits of the pilot and reunion telefilms, which, when added together, makes for more than 30 unbelievable hours of bonus programming.

Check out the complete article HERE.

Once again: speaking only for myself, I hate these exclusive "complete series" sets that come out long before individual season sets (usually without all the extras) are available to consumers. Not all of us - especially these days - has TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS (plus shipping) available to blow all at once on a TV show, even one as long-awaited as The Six Million Dollar Man. Twenty-five or thirty at a time for a single season is a lot more feasible, especially with retailer discounts figured in.

Oh well....


  1. I've been voting for that one to come out for a while. I can't imagine spending that kind of cash on the full series though.

  2. That's it...I need that frickin' winning lottery ticket NOW!

  3. The price is extreme(not six million dollars), but we always have the great memories of watching the Six Million Dollar Man as a boy in the '70s. Also, as a boy with friends playing bionic boys...running slow motion, jumping, bending things, using our bionic eyes and throwing things.

  4. "Also, as a boy with friends playing bionic boys...running slow motion, jumping, bending things, using our bionic eyes and throwing things."

    You forgot recreating the sound effects with our voices like Bobby McFerrin.

  5. Heck, I *still* have the SMDM theme going thru my head when I'm running or doing something active or sitting around in my underwear eating peanut butter that last bit.

    Anyways, I know it might not help much but as of yesterday entering save20now in the coupon box at the site gets you 20 percent off the price. Heck with the lottery, it's time to break out the emergencies-only credit card.

  6. Time Life offers a 5-payment plan for this collection. That's just $48 per payment. Also, for a limited time, if you use the coupon code "save20now" you can get 20% off - reducing the price to $192. That's around $38 per payment. Finally, if you order from Time Life's homepage, you can get FREE shipping.

    Support the Bionic Fan Network and jump to Time Life's main page via the affiliate link at


    Paul K. Bisson
    The Bionic Fan Network

    PS: Great site, Christopher.

  7. Thanks for the info, but it's still too steep for me. My problem with these T/L exclusives is that fans are basically locked into the higher prices for several years until (and if) a "retail" edition (and competitive pricing) becomes available. I know it's just business, but it's a pain in my ass. ;)

  8. Somehow, someday, I will see Steve Austin meet Big Foot again. Will it be worth the wait? The price will have to come down a lot further before I am going to find out.

  9. I'm sure that this makes good business sense, considering the level of interest, and that there are fans that will pay for this amazing collection.

    And that might just make up for me, who will wait for it to hit my Netflix queue.

  10. For those who look for specific episodes, the series wil lbe sold in individual season sets, in late 2011.