Thursday, April 7, 2011

BUCK ROGERS Gold Key/Whitman Comics Cover Gallery

Dan Spiegle (?)
Mike Roy

 Because Gold Key Comics had published a Buck Rogers one-shot in 1964, they apparently had first dibs on the Buck Rogers In The 25th Century TV comic book. Their run began with issue #2 (picking up numbering from the 1964 first issue) and ran through at least 16 issues, the first three of which adapted the pilot film. (Subsequently re-issued as a "Treasury"-sized book, distributed by Marvel Comics!) 

This gallery is missing a  few issues - couldn't track down scans in any of the online databases for issue 8 or10. The scans I did find are courtesy of the Grand Comics Database and Comic Book DB.


  1. It's funny, the ship on the cover of 'The Punishment Machine' issue eminds me of the design for the Holo ship in Star Trek: Insurrection ! Maybe it's designer had this comic !?

  2. Maybe it's just me, but on the cover of #2, Buck looks a lot like Pete Rose.

  3. Any idea who did the interior art on these?

  4. I've scanned in the cover of issue #9 which I have, I also took a photo of the "Giant Movie Edition" from Marvel Comics Group, which contained the first three issues. It has a copyright date of 1979 by Robert C. Dille, which is the same copyright as issue 3 (the earliest one I have).
    The artists are listed as Frank Bolle, Al McWilliams and Jose Delbo.
    Here are the links to the covers, feel free to grab them and modifiy them for your own use, I left them quite large:

  5. Another interesting note, this one from Wikipedia, apparently issue 10 was never published:

  6. I love the way early issues of this series get the spaceships wrong. Buck's shuttle looks like the winged Gemini or super-Gemini space capsules designed but never built in the 1960s, while Kane's ship looks like Buck's shuttle. The cover of issue 3 has one that looks like a mix BSG's Vipers, & Werner von Braun's designs.