Monday, June 27, 2011

BUCK ROGERS (1980) Pinball Machine Flyer

Here's the 4-page flyer sent out to arcades in 1980 touting the Gottlieb company's new Buck Rogers pinball machine. I was never very good at pinball, but I was often seduced into dropping my quarters into various machines by the backglass artwork. Can't say I think much of the likenesses of Buck and Ardala (no Wilma!?), but I love the comic strip style of the Buck art.


  1. Did this game ever come out? I had three malls with arcades in them within driving distance back then, and none of them had it.

    (missing the days when malls had arcades)

  2. Terrible likeness of Gil Gerard. Even worse of Pamela Hensley. I guess they chose her over Wilma so they could have a bikini clad babe on their machine.

  3. I played Pinball in the 90's when arcades still had a pinball or two among the video games. Never saw this Buck Rogers model but I did play many, many games on a Star Wars pinball at a local arcade. I remember one had to "shoot the Death Star" for multi-ball playing.

  4. In 1981 I was in basic training at Fort Dix NJ and this machine was at the bowling alley along with a few other machines. Myself and a couple of other guys plugged a lot of quarters into this one, it was a fun machine to play and always gave back a lot of specials and free games. Fun memories!