Monday, June 20, 2011

Captain's bLog 0620.11

   Posting will continue to be light here for another week or so, as I am up to my neck in overdue assignments. I do have some interesting stuff in the works for this Summer, though, including reviews of the Warner Archive DVDs of Strange New World, The Last Dinosaur, Thundarr The Barbarian - The Complete Series, and, of course, the Battle Beyond The Stars & Damnation Alley Blu-rays from Shout! Factory, once they're out.

I also have my first couple of  "Fave Five" lists (not "Top Ten" - that seemed like a lot of work, and I'm too lazy... I mean busy), more comic book cover galleries, more 70's sci-fi memories, another Poll, and, yes, another Space: 1970 podcast, in the works.

Please stay tuned!


  1. "...yes, another Space: 1970 podcast, in the works."

    VOOTIE! Pray continue on the course charted with the first one; it really does fit in with the blog.

    (and continue to use Bang Bang Robot's "Star-Robot System" as the signature tune--it's Zarjaz!)

  2. I plan on continuing to use Bang Bang Robot's "Star-Robot System" as the theme... as long as no lawyers come after me.