Saturday, November 17, 2012

German PLANET OF THE APES Paperback Covers

Man The Fugitive
Escape To Tomorrow
Journey Into Terror
A while back, I shared the covers of a couple of George Alex Effinger's Planet Of The Apes novelizations based on the 1974 CBS television series. While the U.S. editions sported unimaginative cover photos of the TV cast (Ron Harper, James Naughton and Roddy McDowell), these German editions feature appealingly lurid paintings where the gorilla soldiers appear to be wearing post-Civil War Union cavalry uniforms... huh?

Anyway, I got a kick out of seeing these covers, and thought you might, too. Have a great weekend!


  1. George Alec Effinger also wrote the excellent Marid Audran series of cyberpunk novels.

  2. Interesting. It looks like they recycled art from westerns for the first and last covers by painting gorilla heads over the soldiers plus other minor changes. This was not an unusual practice back then since it was a cheap way to go.

    Now I want to sea a Planet of the Apes set in the post Civil War era! Ape Custer goes into battle against a bunch of poorly armed humans... or so he thinks...

    1. The animated apes had "William Apespeare" so I guess this one could be "Ape Wayne"
      Like so much of the stuff Chris highlights here - I still like these shows. I have the ape stuff- movies, TV and Animated. At one time I also had the Effinger novelizations and still have the Pierre Boulle novel. Guilty pleasures I guess.

    2. Joshua Lawrence Chimperlain could fix bayonets at Little Round Top.

  3. Weird covers. Is the ape in the last pic wearing jeans?

  4. The last cover looks like the Ape is keeping Conan hostage.