Monday, February 11, 2013

BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS (1980) Press Kit Stills

Roger Corman's Battle Beyond The Stars is a great favorite of mine, and I'm always looking for memorabilia from the movie - although there doesn't seem to be much. No novelization that I'm aware of (wouldn't an Alan Dean Foster adaptation been cool?), no model kits based on Nell (or any of the other awesome spaceships in the film; I would have loved a Hammerhead kit), no action figures (imagine a St. Exmin figure?). There was a ViewMaster reel, though...? Well, at least James Horner's score is available, and of course, the stunning Blu-ray of the movie itself from Shout! Factory.

Today I have a small selection of B&W press kit stills from the movie to share with you. Enjoy!


  1. Cool stuff. I'm as surprised as you that there was never any of the memorabilia you described. Wonder if the Nestor alien and John Saxon's Sador would have come with detachable arms... (Read my review of Battle Beyond the Stars here.)

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  2. Action figures for this film would've been great. Surely they'd never have got away with a St. Exmin one though. Can you imagine the complaints from outraged parents?

  3. Are you aware of the prequel comics?

    1. I'm aware of them, but I won't buy anything from that company.