Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coming Attractions: THE BLACK HOLE (1979) TV Spot

Here's a fun, 30 second TV spot for Disney's 1979 space epic, The Black Hole. Enjoy!


  1. I watched it last year with my girlfriend. It's actually a pretty dark movie for Disney! The preview says basically nothing about the movie that you wouldn't get by reading the TITLE, but whatever.

  2. I had the soundtrack album years ago. John Barry's score was the one thing I enjoyed most about The Black Hole; the unique look of the Cygnus is another. If Disney ever announced a remake, I wouldn't begrudge them.

    Come to think of it, give it to Pixar and let them take a crack at it.

  3. @Mitchell Craig, Intrada recently released a remaster of The Black Hole soundtrack—pulled from the original digital recordings. It's been selling fast. So if you really want it, get it now. I don't know if this Intrada release is "limited" like the Film Score Monthly albums, but this one has been a hot topic on the FSM forum.

    The Intrada disc is about 23 minutes longer than the LP score (which is available through iTunes), and also includes a bonus track of the End Titles featuring only the electronic elements (synths and The Beam). This album is a must for any John Barry fan.

    Hollywood is already stuck in a non-creative rut without giving them Yet Another movie to remake. The Black Hole is a "guilty pleasure"—a glorious train wreck with far too much "wrong" to have any fix be called a remake. Enjoy it for what it is.

  4. Damn trailers were so epic back then! They didn't give anything away and made you actually interested in the movie. Todays trailers give everything away. I watched the trailers to The Thing (2011 remake) And the Planet of the apes (2011 remake) and I knew the entire outcome of both movies prior to seeing them. Making proper trailers (like this one) is a lost art!

  5. I own the new Intrada Black Hole CD - it is a must-have, and I highly recommend it. There's a lot of additional tracks that were never on the old LP, and it was remastered from the original 16-track masters. It sounds amazing.

    Also, there is already a remake planned - in 3D - there are a few articles out there on it - the creator of Tron Legacy is involved.

  6. Anonymous said: there is already a remake planned - in 3D - there are a few articles out there on it - the creator of Tron Legacy is involved.

    Why am I not surprised? The original Tron was a brilliant tale that could be taken literally and symbolically at the same time. It is one of those stories that is "not meant" to have a sequel, but that has never stopped a Hollywood producer from trying to ride the coat-tails of a previous work. I know many people rave about Tron Legacy. To me it is a paint-by-numbers follow-up with lots of allusions to the original, yet obvious that the maker did not understand the original characters and stylistic concepts. (I'll refrain from attempting a full review here.)

    The Black Hole was seriously flawed in many ways, yet "succeeded" on a number of factors—one being a score with the grandeur of James Bond villains. The production was also big budget eye candy. V.I.N.CENT was a far more compelling character than any of the human cast, and Maximilian was exactly the sort of monster one might expect to find in a dark castle in space. (The "dark castle in space" aspect is a "strength" shared with the TV series Space: 1999, which was also very weak on scientific accuracy.)

    The flaws in The Black Hole cannot be repeated and then overlooked a second time. To correct those errors would change the story so dramatically that there would be little point in calling it a "remake."


  7. Love The Black Hole. Great music, fantastic production design, and awesome robot characters. Reinheart would have made a great Bond villain for the Roger Moore era.

    Someone explain that ending to me?