Friday, January 20, 2012

Gold Key BUCK ROGERS (1979) House Ad

When Gold Key Comics adapted the 1979 Universal version of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century into comic book form, they offered the movie adaptation in multiple formats - and touted that fact in this house ad, featuring what appears to be Al McWilliams artwork.

Is that Ardala sporting a turban?

 Interestingly, this Treasury-sized version of the Buck Rogers film adaptation was available under both the Whitman and Marvel Comics imprints....


  1. Hm. What's really interesting is the guy in the lower left of the treasury edition. Is that Emperor Draco (Ardala's father)? If so, it appears there were some scenes cut from the pilot movie!

  2. Yeah, scenes of Joseph Wiseman as Emperor Draco were shot, and subsequently cut, from the movie. A lot of early publicity stuff included stills of the actor, though.

  3. Draco did appear as a hologram, but only in the theatrical release and not the TV version for some reason. Judging from some publicity stills, he was originally supposed to make an appearance during the celebration scene in New Chicago, but I'm pretty sure he didn't get down and boogie. At least I hope he didn't.