Saturday, January 7, 2012

PROJECT UFO (1978) Promo

Another video rarity discovered on YouTube: a static network promo for NBC's Jack Webb-produced series Project UFO, from 1978, that, from the music at the beginning, sounds like it aired right after an episode of Saturday Night Live!


  1. I had forgotten that series! Back then I was UFO crazy and watched it faithfully. It is a pity it probably will never be issued on DVD or any other format.

  2. I looked forward to this every week while it was on. I couldn't get enough of this kind of thing back then. It had the Project Blue Book title here in Canada.

  3. I loved UFO stuff when I was a kid and remember watching the premiere of this show when I was seven--and being scared to death of that little robot that came out of the ship and tried communicating with the old woman by projecting some kind of laser grid between its arms. I guess that's why my parents wouldn't take me to see Close Encounters.