Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bob Larkin's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (1978) Art

Here's a nice - if unfortunately small - scan of artist Bob Larkin's original painting for the wraparound cover of Marvel Super Special #8, featuring the comics adaptation of the Battlestar Galactica premiere film, "Saga Of A Star World." The colors here are much nicer than they appeared on the magazine cover, where there was an overly pastel tint to everything (at least on my copy and on the scans I found online). If anyone finds a bigger scan of this original painting, send it my way, okay?

Interestingly, Marvel printed two variant editions of this particular Super Special comic - an oversized tabloid edition, which featured a line-art version of this painting, drawn by Rick Bryant, and the regular, magazine-sized edition, which was graced with this painting. (And the story was reprinted again, in three parts, in the monthly Battlestar Galactica comic.)


  1. And add to that the version I have - the rarer variation of the treasury reprinted by "Modern Publishing" with the Marvel logo replaced by an "MP" on the cover.

  2. The original magazine-sized Super Special (which featured color separations shot directly from hand-colored stats using the "grayline method") also had dialogue and art differences from the Treasury edition-sized reprint because it was based on earlier drafts of the pilot script.
    The version done for the Treasury-sized book was used in the comic book and papeback reprints (with modifications to accommodate format differences.)

  3. Not only were there differences between the Super Special, Treasury and paperback, Marvel ended up entirely redoing much of the art for the first three issues of the regular monthly comic.

  4. I love the art work for the oversized Marvel Adaption.Thank You Chris for posting!