Wednesday, June 24, 2015

STAR TREK Phaser Battle commercial

Here's a vintage commercial for Mego's Star Trek Phaser Battle electronic game, which the narrator assures us is "the most exciting game ever!" I never had this, but it looks, well, amazing.

Of course, from what I've read online, it appears that it was very difficult to play, took six (!) "D" batteries, and was not very well constructed, breaking easily. It also was very expensive, selling for around $70 in 1976 dollars! (According to an online inflation calculator, that would come to nearly $300 today!)



  1. I totally had this game. In my memory, it wasn't at all difficult to play and was indeed, a lot of fun in those pre-video-game days. I had the ac adapter so I didn't have to mess around with all those batteries. I can't imagine my parents spending that much for it though. We didn't have all that much money at that time. They must have got it on sale. An amusing side note is that this game got almost as much play turned on as turned off as it was an essential component to any imaginary starship I happened to be flying.

  2. My best friend had this when we were about 8 years old. His parents worked at Sears and back then they got a really good discount on everything Sears sold (which was a lot back then). He always had the best toys. I also have no memory of it being hard to play, and we had tons of fun with it.

  3. That's cool, I remember my dad cutting out and making the star trek bridge and crew paper toys for me from the back of a corn flakes box, it must have been when the first or second movie came out, great memory

  4. The look--primative--but the case? Far better than today's fare.