Friday, June 11, 2010

New Look for SPACE

Obviously you've already noticed - unless you read this blog though an RSS feed - that I've changed the site template and some of the graphics. I wanted to make Space: 1970 a bit more distinctive, and allow for slightly bigger images, etc. (I still would like to figure out how to load my own starfield background image into the new Blogger template, but I'm pretty stupid about coding.)

I've been occupied with other things of late - primarily my freelance comics writing and my main DVD review site - and I'm afraid this blog has suffered some benign neglect. I have not abandoned it, though, and actually have a couple of long articles in incomplete drafts waiting for me to finish them up. These include two "Favorite Episodes" features (one from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and one from Space: 1999) a review of the 1978 Spaghetti space opera snoozefest War of the Planets, and some Planet of the Apes reminisces. I also have been thinking about The Black Hole (witness the new masthead) and Spacehunter, the first (and I think last) 3D movie I've seen in a cinema.

According to my counters, traffic remains pretty steady here at Space: 1970, so let me thank all of you who keep dropping by. There's a lot on the way - I haven't even begun to scratch this particular nostalgic itch - it's just a matter of making the time to write my ramblings down. Stay tuned....


  1. I did notice, and I like it! Keep it comin'!

  2. I love this place, and pop by every couple of weeks to check for updates. Of course, there's already so much here to browse through, I usually end up staying for longer than I intend. (I also tend to end up at the main DVD site of yours, and man, is that fun, too!)
    Anyway, Space: 1999 is a fave of mine, but yeah, that whole decade brings back a lot of fond memories (even though some of the stuff was bad). Thanks for this place; it's great to see others with similar memories!

  3. Whenever you are ready and able to post more, I'll be here to read it. Looking forward to the updates!