Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Behind-The-Scenes Pix #16: PROJECT: U.F.O.

Modelmaker Brick Price (at least, I think it's him) poses with one of the multitude of alien spacecraft that his company created over the 2-season run of Jack Webb's Project U.F.O. back in 1978-79.

Yeah, March has turned out as bad as February for me in terms of staying on top of this blog. I can't really say why, except that maybe I'm a little burned out and other stuff has been getting my attention and focus these last couple months. That said, I'm going to try to get back to regular posting very soon. There's still a lot of cool crap that I want to write about. Thanks for your patience, Star Kids....


  1. Aww, life happens, Bro. Don't worry about it.

    You could always do a change-of-pace type thing, and do a piece about the music from the shows of Our Era, and which ones had the best (and worst) scores. Should get the fires of nostalgia stoked in the comments section.

    Or you could do a piece about fave character actors who showed in various TV series and movies back then. Shane Rimmer comes to mind--the man was EVERYWHERE back then, on BOTH sides of the pond.

    Anyhow, take care and keep on writing!

    (who checks the site several times a day)

  2. Christopher, don't worry, we are here. I check in daily, always.


  3. Don't sweat it, man. We all come back to read your stuff and we're very appreciative of the love you give the site. For those of us who are in the same field as you...we feel your pain! LOL. Hang in there, bud.

  4. Chris, your posts on the aborted Buck Rogers and Star Trek Phase II series were excellent. How about a piece concerning George Pal's lost pilot for a TV series based on his 1953 War of the Worlds film? According to articles which appeared in both Starlog and Fantastic Films back in the late '70s, Magicam was working on the project when it was junked.

  5. Not to worry, Chris. I'm the poster boy for blog-fail. I think I made all of ten posts before I got distracted by something shiny and gave up. Take your time. Your posts are worth waiting for.

  6. Wow, Tim - I haven't even finished my article on Star Trek - Phase 2, never mind posted it, and you're already calling it excellent! ;)

    I never heard of a 70's War Of The Worlds pilot, nor do I remember reading about one back in the day. I'll have to do some research on that....

  7. Ever heard anything about why this show still isn't on DVD?

  8. Oops...guess I jumped the gun a bit there!

    Er, yeah, the "lost" '70s War of the Worlds project was discussed briefly in at least two magazines from back in the day that I'm aware of. The first was an article about Magicam which appeared in Starlog #9 (Oct '77), and the second an interview with Greg Jein from Fantastic Films #4 (Oct '78). Neither gave much information about the actual production(besides the fact that it had never been completed), but both featured photos of some really cool "old school" miniature work which Magicam had done for the project before it was junked. The whole matter might've vanished into obsecurity during the years since, but Retroflicks released a dvd a few years ago featuring a demo reel made by George Pal around 1975 for a proposed TV series based on the 1953 WOTW film (actually more of a Star Trek-style update of it), and this appears to be the same thing. The dvd is out of print now, but anyone can view the footage on YouTube.

  9. Found your Space:1970 site by accident, searching for Richard Lynch stuff. I was surprised to find that "The Invaders" is not mentioned here. I know the production run ended in 1968, but it was shown in the UK at least during the 70s and made a huge impact on myself and my brother - we used to "disc" each other on the neck with Meccano wheels whilst playing space games.
    We also watched "Project Blue Book" (which you have listed under the US title of Project U.F.O.). In my mind, the two series were congruent - maybe it was the old fashioned filming style of Project Blue Book that did that.

  10. Project UFO! Damn, forgot all about this, but I loved those models. Used to draw them all over my school notebooks.