Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PLANET OF THE APES (1974) CBS TV Series Promo

Another YouTube rarity - producer Herbert Hirschman talks about the then-upcoming, CBS Planet Of The Apes television series for network affiliates and advertisers, accompanied by some feature film clips, pre-production art and behind-the-scenes mask-making footage.


  1. I call shenanigans; most of the materials in the promo were taken from the film and features tied thereto, and only the shot of the principals at the end were from the series.

    I remember seeing this at the time and getting suspicious back then that they used a lot of stuff from the movie; when the show finally aired and the differences became apparent, it was a good early lesson in TV-versus-film production values...

  2. The promo clip was fun. I especially enjoyed the way that Herbert Hirschman flipped something casually into the water and it transitioned into the brief preview of the series. I was 12 when this aired and I believe it showed on Friday nights which I thought was a good way to start the weekend off!

  3. You had me at "behind-the-scenes mask-making footage". I love seeing footage of how special effects make-up has evolved over the decades, and how many techniques have changed or become standard over time. "PotA" was a total game-changer as far as realism in even the most fantastical of make-ups; everything after it had to hold up to (or surpass) its standards. The footage here is slightly odd, in that they show a mold of the actor being made, then an artist applying clay to it, then straight to footage of an actress being worked on; skipping the bit about making a mold of the sculpt to create the rubber appliances, coupled with the dark brown clay he was using, made it seem for a second (to me, anyway) like they were applying the clay to her face.

    Don't mind me; I'm WAY too into that "Face Off" show. ;)

    Your Pal,


  4. As I've mentioned before, besides the first film (...perhaps the second as well..), this is my favorite POTA entry. LOVED the series, which lended itself to your standard Friday night 'chase show' fare quite well back in '74.

    It's a shame it couldn't hold adult viewership (as sponsors complained..), but it was an outstanding show.

  5. One of my favorite clips with Roddy McDowall in full makeup on Carol Burnett.