Friday, January 3, 2014


Over Christmas with the family, I was surprised to discover that my teenaged niece was a big Star Wars fan. Of course, I was too, when I was her age, but it wasn't quite the same back then. For one thing, there wasn't all the cool collectible stuff back in my teens. Early on, practically all we had were the paperback novelizations, the Marvel comics, some tee-shirts and the soundtrack albums on vinyl LPs.

Today I've got this whimsical newspaper advertisement (from the UK, I believe, though I may be mistaken) for the John Williams Empire Strikes Back soundtrack album. Really needs a comma between Jaws and Dracula, though... unless there was a vampire shark movie I missed?


  1. I had this soundtrack on 8-Track! It must have been one of the last 8-Track tapes sold.

  2. I bought the ESB soundtrack (on vinyl) when it first came out, mostly for the song "City in the Clouds", which is still my favourite piece of music from any of the SW films.

    Happy New Year, my good Mr. Mills!


  3. Give it time and The Asylum will make a Vampire Shark movie.

  4. Nice ad, and I still think it's Williams best score. Back in 1980 the BBC aired a documentary on the making of the ESB score

  5. Ah. I'd forgotten that the Robert Stigwood Organisation was involved with the STAR WARS soundtrack. (My dad had the double-length cassette.) I well remember that the red pig that RSO used as their symbol was somehow Satanic according to the weirdbeard "expert" on rock'n'roll my evangelical school brought in around '82...)