Thursday, January 2, 2014

Universal Announces: THE BATTLE OF GALACTICA... LIVE!

Happy New Year! Today we've got this colorful 1980 magazine advertisement announcing Universal Studios' then-new "Battle Of Galactica" attraction. Part of the Hollywood Universal Studio Tour for a decade or so, this immersive, Battlestar Galactica-themed attraction featured animatornic Cylons and other sinister aliens (including a few insectoid Ovions) attempting to hijack a tourist-filled tram for nefarious purposes.

You can view a video of the attraction HERE.


  1. Happy New Year Chris, what a great way to start the new year with my favorite show Battlestar Galactica. The ad was a great find and the video even better. I would go see that even today as it was originally constructed. Having lived my whole life on the east coast and never having been to California, I was not even aware that attraction once existed. I also enjoyed the other references you pointed out where the set was in other background scenes for other tv shows. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great ad. wow. this is the coolest blog ever. your header artwork is the greatest. i'm a fellow blogger at cultfilmfreaks dot com

  3. I remember this attraction. I got to see it personaly when me and my family went to vistit my uncle who lived out in california at the time. one of the first things we did was to visit. the Unversal Stuido tour. It was great and it did take us thur the Cylon experince. I also want to mention that portions of it was shown in the movie the Nude Bomb. A movie showing the return of Maxwell Smart.

    1. Yeah, I noted the Maxwell Smart connection in my first post on the attraction, linked to above.

  4. I went on the Universal Studios tour back in 1989 and the "Battle Of Galactica" attraction was a fun experience. Especially since, as a boy, I had watched Battlestar Galactica in '78-'79. I even saw the full-scale Colonial Viper parked outside near the A-Team van.

    Happy 2014 Christopher.


  5. I remember seeing This in The Nude Bomb when I was very young. It's hard to believe that Universal Studios theme park has been around that long and to think that this attraction lasted from 1980 to 1992 is nothing short of amazing! It just goes to show that the original can not be topped :)

  6. I hope this link works. If not, you can try copying and pasting.
    Dave in England created this website years ago, but hasn't updated it for years and the last time I tried to email him I never got an answer.
    Some of the information about the ride was contributed by me. We toured it in 1985. In 1987 when I toured Universal again, this section of the tour had been renamed something else. I don't know what it is now. Universal has used the tunnel for a number of different adventures on its backlot tours.