Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LOGAN'S RUN (1976) Studio Press Tour

Here's an interesting look behind the scenes at the making of Michael Anderson's Logan's Run feature, via a 1975 MGM press publicity tour. We get brief glimpses of Anderson, producer Saul David and costume designer Bill Thomas, who shows off a few of the film's costumes, including a rather different Sandman uniform than the one actually used in the final movie.

It also looks like it's David Hasselhoff (Starcrash) modelling the Sandman uniform, though I can't positively confirm it. If it isn't him, the resemblance is striking!


  1. Dude! Is that David Hasslehoff as the Sandman?! He was on Young and the Restless near that time.

  2. Is that Forrest Ackerman at :33 and David Hasselhoff modeling the Sandman outfit?!? Thanks for posting it! I still love the film and even enjoyed the TV series.

  3. Logan's Run is on of my fav's from the era. I even have LOGAN5 as my licence plate. I did some checking and it seems confirmed that it is The Hoff in the short.

  4. There's just no mistaking The Hoff and his amazing hair.

  5. Wow, Bill Thomas is hot! Okay, maybe I misunderstood that and the woman in orange is not actually "Bill Thomas..."

    A lot of LR was shot on location at several places in Dallas, Texas. It's too bad we don't get to see more of the sets here. The movie did have a distinct look, but it was very much a 70s vibe with lots of mirrors and chrome. I always thought that they needed better production design. The costuming was pretty good, however, and the later scenes in abandoned Washington are excellent.

  6. Well, after all these years, I never knew the colours of a person's outfit signified their age, I just assumed it was in keeping with the garish colour schemes of the seventies.

    I loved the film's aesthetic, of course there were some obvious model shots, but that is what an imagination is there for. I can watch it again and again just for the music and visuals.

    Watching the TV series brings back so many memories of seventies Saturday mornings here in the UK, I was absolutely hooked on it.