Thursday, December 24, 2015

News: Patrick Duffy's MAN FROM ATLANTIS Novel Due 2016

Patrick Duffy, star of the short-lived 1976-77 Man From Atlantis television series, has long talked about writing a novel based on the series, exploring the origins of his character, Mark Harris. Now it appears that he's finally done so, with the book scheduled for release in June of 2016.
Dive deeper than ever before and discover the origins of The Man from Atlantis.

When TV unveiled the series Man from Atlantis no one knew the how, where and why of Mark Harris.  Over time the show’s star Patrick Duffy formulated his own version of the history of Mark and his people.  Here at last is the book that gives every reader and fan of the show the life and mythology of Atlantis, who they were and where they came from. Patrick Duffy’s close connection to his fictional character makes this a behind the scenes fantasy story.

Mark Harris, the Man from Atlantis, has been quietly living under the protection of Dr. Elizabeth Merrill who saved his life in 1976. By studying his abilities the two have contributed countless advances for mankind’s development. Only a select few know his true identity.

Jason the whiz kid of the science lab.

Stacy the bright young intern–who is constantly flustered by Mark’s presence.

Dr. Nagashima, a master of oceanic knowledge who Elizabeth lured from Japan to join her inner circle.

Then their California ocean side laboratory is shaken when several attempts are made upon Mark’s life. He discovers the assailants have powers similar to his and he is lead into the uncharted depths of the oceans. As he discovers his past Mark’s origins and genealogy finally come to the surface

The novel, simply titled Man From Atlantis, is already available for pre-order through online booksellers like Amazon.


  1. This ought to be fun. Thanks for the heads up on it.

    Rip Off

  2. This is definitely one of those things that when you see it, you just go "Huh. Alright then." I never even heard of Man from Atlantis until like a year or two ago from a post on here. I just wonder if there's even a market for a book about an obscure TV show from the 70s?

    On the flip side, if this thing manages to become a seller, maybe it'll pave the way for similar books for other cancelled TV shows.

  3. I see a pastiche, ala league of extraordinary gentlemen, of all cancelled tv show main characters uniting to . . . what? Seek revenge? Confront their creators? Just live, maybe. Let's cast it. Was "captain nice" 60s or 70s?

  4. I was born in '73 and have fond memories of this show - although not its original run, but when it ran on a local channel as a Saturday afternoon show. I even had the original novelization of the first movie. I'll buy this book out of nostalgia, but I doubt it will sell well. (When i was a little kid I would tell anyone willing to listen that the people in Dallas just didn't know that Bobby Ewing was really the man from Atlantis.)

  5. I always wanted to see a crossover of the all the 1970s semi-superheroes. Imagine a massive threat to the entire world, one that can only be overcome by the combined talents of the Six Million Dollar Man, the Man from Atlantis, the Gemini Man...

  6. very good television series of my favorite when I was a kid! He viewed here in Greece around 1978 if I remember well with great success. Perfect in the role of Mark Harris, Patrick Duffy