Monday, December 19, 2016

German SPACE: 1999 Comics

These terrific Space: 1999 ("Mondbasis Alpha 1") comics covers from Germany were sent to me over two years ago (!) by reader Kessler Tobias, but got lost in my e-mail. In any case, better late than never! Kessler didn't include any publication info, or identification of the artists, but damn, look at these! 50's pulp-styled robots! Giant ants! Enjoy!


  1. Christopher, thank you for posting these covers. I have been a die-hard SPACE:1999 fan ever since I watched it's debut as a boy beginning in 1975.


  2. Shared your blog on the Space: 1999 series FB page. Great blog!

  3. The "Zeichnung" (although that should be Zeichnungen or Zeichner IMO) on the cover mentions (José Maria) Cardona as the artist.

    "The robot invasion/Invasion of the robots" came out in '77, and "Planet of the giant ants" in '78.

    1. Zeichnung is used here like art or illustration, a singular noun describing the activity or profession. Makes perfect sense in German.

      BTW, ZAK was (is) a great magazine, it presented a large variety of comics from all over Europe, and probably also the US and Canada, action, sci-fi, history, some sports and romance. Pretty much introduced me to the medium.

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  4. These covers are terrific! They make me think of the great painted covers that appeared on Gold Key comics when I was a kid; particularly SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON: LOST IN SPACE.
    My own affection for the shows of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson started with SUPERCAR and FIREBALL XL5; series that couldn't have existed in any other decade but the sixties...

  5. Hi Christopher,
    what a spooky coincidence - I had totally forgotten having sent the scans to you. Two days ago I took one of the comics from my shelf to read again (after lots of years) and today I stumbled about your update. Sounds like "Twilight Zone". Maybe some other reader from Germany can clarify whether there were more albums than these two - I am not sure.
    All the best,

  6. Little correction the magazine title is ZACK
    during 1972 to 1980 they publish fine comics from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Italy
    with spinoff like ZACK-Box what is album edition from Magazine series.

    ZACK was Innovative as they order new comic story at Artist
    One of those were Space: 1999 comics by artist Cardona and script by Farinas from Italy
    To make clear there NOT part of Anderson merchandise !

  7. Jab or Look sharp is the translation of the Zack Magazine. It was published by Koralle-Verlag (Coral-Publishing-House). An independent Publisher. They had a sort of licensing agreement - for the francobelgian, italian and spanish series and artists - and a publishing agreement with other european publishing houses. So there were differently named versions of this magazine/this magazine-concept published under different. Zack-Box means Look-sharp-Box. This was their Album-Imprint. Zack was a sort of variety-anthology-magazine-series published in the european Comic-Album-Format. But with metallic-staples as binding, rather than the more expensive and durable adhesion-binding-process, which they reserved for their Zack-Box-Album-Imprint. I had once a few of the magazines. Acceptable printing quality. Sadly they used machine-font-lettering instead of the handwritten lettering present in the orginal comics. It is still very common, that in west- and east-german-comics typewriter-font-lettering is used. Great covers. Mondbasis Alpha (-1) translates as Moonbase Alpha (-1). The series was first shown on ZDF, Second German Television, in West-Germany. With Jean-Michel Jarre´s Space Music added as Opening and Closing Titles - if i recall correctly. They shortened the episodes and didn´t buy and dub all of them. A wanton random approach that most of west-germany´s public state-subsidized and government-run stations used to do.