Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coming Attractions: SILENT RUNNING


  1. I actually played Silent Running for a friend of mine who had somehow never managed to see it. It amazes me how well Bruce Dern is able to carry pretty much the whole film by himself.

    For those who say that Avatar has a heavy-handed environmentalist message, I would point them to Silent Running. It's good, but depressing as Hel.

  2. Oh man, I watched that movie as a kid and sobbed like a newborn. I felt so bad for the little robot at the end who was all by himself watering the flowers.

    Shit. I'm getting sad again.

  3. I saw bits of this various times in my younger life but never knew the title. It was 10-15 years before I found and watched the full thing. Wow. even with the very much not my style Joan Biaz hippy music, it's amazing.

    In an interview Bruce Dern mentions how astronauts come up to him and say how much they love the movie and how much of an inspiration he was to them. Shows the power of this movie and his acting that people who've actually *been* to space have him as a "hero"/"role model"

  4. Wow. Again, one of my top favorite films of all time. And the astronauts are my RL heroes, so thanks for the tidbit. And yeah, I felt bad for the robot, and also for Dern's character.

    I haven't been able to find a copy of Baez singing "In the Sun," though, and would dearly love to. Anyone?