Saturday, September 25, 2010

Book 'em, Han-o....

This particular "mash-up" video is showing up all over the place, but I liked it enough to want to share it here. I'm generally not overly amused by these sorts of things, but I was quite impressed by the thought that went into editing this, and how well the images were synchronized with the classic Hawaii 5-0 theme and that television show's original opening credits. Enjoy.


  1. The great Magnum P.I./Star Wars show open will always be the first but I really enjoyed this one and my favorite moment where you can really appreciate their attention to detail and how closey they strove to stay close to the original show open was the title card on Chewie holding his rifle up as he swings around-EXACTLY mimicking Zulu as Kono barreling up a boat ramp with his rifle held up high! I'm currently enjoying both the original and the reinvented Five-0. Fun Stuff.
    Dusty Abell