Thursday, October 7, 2010

News: More SPACE: 1999 Blu-Ray Details

A&E Home Video have released more specifics in regards to the bonus features that will be included with the new Space: 1999 Blu-Rays -- and it looks like I may have to sell some blood after all. I don't see any other way that I'll be able to afford them.

The release will come as a 7-disc set, with the package including 5 Blu-ray Discs full of the episodes and such bonus material as belongs with the episodes (such as commentaries and music-only audio tracks). All remaining extras will be on Discs 6 and 7, a pair of bonus discs which will not be BDs, but rather standard DVD discs (just as was the case with Disc 5 of The Prisoner on BD).

TVShowsOnDVD has the complete information on their site.

In addition to the details on the supplemental features, the site is also reporting that because of the time required for upgrading the episodes to high definition, the original November release date will not be met, but the discs are expected to street before the end of the year.

You can pre-order the new set from Amazon here: Space: 1999: The Complete Season One [Blu-ray]


  1. Hello Christopher. I'm very pleased to have discovered your site quite by accident. There's plenty to enjoy here.

    I began revisiting Space:1999 for a time, but placed things on hold in anticipation of the Blu-Ray discs. Thanks and look forward to keeping a watch on your site.

  2. The only bummer about this is that the UK version has a number of bonus items that we still won't get even after this revision. May be looking into a region/zone free BD player after all.


  3. Between this and the Blu-Ray of Star Trek: Season One having the uncut "Where No Man has Gone Before", I may finally have to spring for a Blu-Ray player.
    Question: why is the pic of Koenig & Russell flopped?

  4. It's the Mirror Universe Koenig and Russell. Duh.

  5. Chris, it's not the time required to upgrade the episodes to HD - that's already been done - it's likely the QC required to ensure that a complex set like this on a new format doesn't result in the kind of glitches that see innumerable sets having to be returned & replaced.

    The lack of some extras on the US set which includes the HD restoration of the Series 2 opener 'The Metamorph' must be a bit of a blow for you guys. I'm in the UK but I hope you get the stills galleries which AICN has just put up a post about & which according to Network documents the entire production of Year One across a whopping 1900 stills, all of them scanned in at HD resolution!

    And too The Sc-Fi Fanatic; really enjoyed your episode coverage but think you're absolutely right to suspend reviews until you get the new set. Seriously, the step-up in quality is going to blow you away.

  6. i hope we get those stills, the ones over on AICN are fantastic, those alone would be worth half the price of the set!

  7. Looking sharp:

  8. The A&E North American release contains almost ALL the bonuses that the Network British version does, including stills, the Metamorph, etc.

    It is missing the subtitles and booklet insert that Network included.