Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coming Attractions: ALIEN (1979) Theatrical Trailer

In space, no one can hear you's the trailer to Ridley Scott's Alien, from 1979. I doubt that anyone suspected then that the movie would spawn three direct theatrical sequels and a couple of crossover films (with those nasty Predators), not to mention countless comic books, toys and other merchandise. In fact, of all 70s genre films, only Star Wars really surpasses its pop culture longevity.


  1. I really liked Alien and Aliens, but Alien3 killed the franchise and Alien Resurrection buried it. Even though there were a few interesting things to come out of the last two sequels, Sigourney Weaver didn't do us any favors by killing Ripley and bringing her back. And killing off Newt and Hicks will go down as one of the dumbest moves in cinematic history. In my opinion, it ruined the entire ending of Aliens. Movies 3-4 should have been nightmares that Ripley had in hypersleep, because they sure were nightmares to me.

    I just watch the first two movies and pretend that the others don't exist.

  2. I've got a message to say the vid has been removed. The one I link to at mine is here:

    It's still edgy after all these years.

  3. Video has been removed by user. So sad.

  4. 100% concur with Steves first post on all counts....... I saw Alien the first week it came out on the day the Space Jockey prop on display burnt up at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles... I was afraid the show was going to be cancelled......lukily it wasn't. God bless my uncle for taking my 10 year old butt to that movie. I knew what scares were coming from having previously read the excellent Walt Simonson movie adaptaion, but i could never have anticipated how brilliantly they would actually play out up on the big screen.