Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virgil Sings!

Okay, this is cool 70s TV novelty. Singer-songwriter Paul Williams performs on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in 1973 - wearing his full make-up and costume from Battle For The Planet of The Apes, wherein he played the orangutan Virgil. Gotta love the nervous laughter from the obviously confused studio audience! Enjoy.


  1. It's great how the audience nervously laughs as if they have no idea how they should be reacting to a smoking, singing, bipedal, pleather clad orangutan. :)

    - Ark

  2. That is AWESOME!!! I love it -- and Paul Williams has always been great, whether in his songwriting, singing or acting.

  3. Amazing. Wow, that ape makeup was great! Does anyone know, did he actually puff on the cigarette?

  4. Just posted this at FanCentral, where I invited them to GO APE!

    (who put the link under the video to hopefully bring in moar traffic)

  5. When Roddy McDowall was doing the television series, he made an appearance on the Carol Burnett show, coming out in full makeup and a tuxedo (apparently shocking Carol FOR REAL, who thought he was going to come out dressed as his role in Cleopatra), and then showing a clip of his makeup being put on--finishing up with him smoking in makeup. (The orderly where Taylor was incarcerated after his surgery, where he met Nova, was seen smoking as well.)

    I agree, I always liked Paul Williams. He had a number of great roles on Fantasy Island.

    Cool clip!

    Gordon Long

  6. Cool, but it would have been a REAL hoot if Williams had started singing the theme song from The Love Boat, which he wrote the lyrics to. Of course, he didn't write that until a few years later.