Friday, August 5, 2011

FLASH GORDON (1980) Pinball Machine Flyer

Here's another vintage pinball machine flyer; this one is for Bally's beautiful Flash Gordon table, based on the Dino de Laurentis/Mike Hodges Flash feature film. Of all the 70s arcade sci-fi tie-ins I've covered here so far, I think the Flash machine has - by far - the best backglass art (with very decent likenesses of Sam Jones and company) and table graphics. This is one delightfully garish pinball machine!

I really love this one. If I could find and afford them, I think I'd really dig having one of these - and one of the Gottlieb Buck Rogers machines - in my home.


  1. Absolutely awesome! I'd love to own one of those! Now, if only someone had made a StarCrash machine...

  2. Now that is what a pinball machine is SUPPOSED to look like! Hot stuff! What a great find, Christopher...I'd love to have this one myself! +1!!!

    Gordon Long

  3. Ming: Klytus, I'm bored. What plaything can you offer me today?

    Klytus: A flashy, blinky device from the SK system, your majesty. The inhabitants refer to it as...pinball.

    Ming: How peaceful it looks.

    Klytus: Will you destroy this...pinball?

    Ming: Later. I'd like to play this game awhile...before anihilation...Hahahaha...

  4. Very cool. I certainly would have played this had it been in my local arcade or bowling alley back then. As it was I played the KISS pinball machine a lot instead. I seem to remember Starlog having a pinball art contest in the late 70's and they printed a lot of the top entries at one point.

  5. Excellent! I couldn't come close to counting all the quarters I dropped into this machine when I was in high school.

    Beautiful flyer, too!