Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I picked up the Season 3 DVDs of The Bionic Woman last night, and just finished watching the opening two-parter, "The Bionic Dog." (I'll get to "Fembots In Las Vegas" tomorrow night!) As always, I'm struck by how much heart and humanity Lindsay Wagner brought to the role of OSI agent Jaime Sommers, no matter how far-fetched - or absurd - the scenario.

The Universal DVDs appear to be up to the quality of the previous two season sets - of course, I've only watched two episodes so far - with solid, 1.33:1 "full frame" transfers and mono audio. As with the earlier sets, there's a surprising number of extras, especially writers' commentaries on select episodes.

I'm looking forward to working my way through the episodes over the next week or two, and am genuinely thrilled to now have the entire series - one of my childhood favorites - on my DVD shelves. It's rather remarkable how well the show holds up, and most of that is due to Wagner's sincerity, humor and dramatic ability.

Now I'm waiting for the retail releases of the individual Six Million Dollar Man season packages. I bought Season 1 when Time-Life offered it as a special deal a few months ago, but I simply cannot afford the big, complete series, box set.


  1. Unfortunately, season three falls apart a bit towards the end. The storyline took off into rather hokey story lines after Kenneth Johnson left. Lots of pyramids, aliens, spirits, and a flying head of lettuce.

  2. Personally, I rather dig the Erik Von Daniken, 70s New Age-y stuff. Although I like spy/"girl undercover" stories, its the sci-fi/fantastic episodes that I really enjoy.

    I really loved the addition of Max, the bionic dog, too.

  3. Glad you are enjoying them Chris. I was never a fan of the show back then, however, I wish some cable network would reshow them as I'd be interested to see what I think of them now. We got a new TV Channel added to our cable called MeTV and it's shown some interesting old TV series, which I've really enjoyed watching like the 60's Batman show, Lost in Space, and several westerns. I've also caught some old I Spy episodes and I'm amazed at how interesting some of these old programs still are compared to some of the newer TV shows, which barely last a season.

  4. This series worked as you said, because of Lindsay's fantastic talents. I can not think of another actress of the day who could have performed such a great job. It's a bit annoying that Wagner did not become a bigger deal. She had everything, unless it was on her own doing?
    This show was excellent most of the time, except when they dropped some Alien crap in there, never worked. Should have stayed away from it. too bad the revival series didn't include Wagner in the Goldman/mentor role. Could have used some class....