Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday Heroes

Today marks the birthdays of two major Space: 1970-era icons: Mark Hamill and the late Christopher Reeve. I'm sure I speak for all Star Kids when I wish Mister Hamill - Luke Skywalker himself - a very happy 61st birthday. I'd also like to take this opportunity, on the anniversary of his birth, to remember Reeve, one of the few actors to so perfectly embody the essence of the superhero they portrayed. Both of these gentlemen portrayed heroes of my youth, and I still carry with me the inspiration they sparked in childhood.


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    1. Obviously, math isn't my strong point. Corrected. Thanks.

  2. Both of these guys are great. Star Wars speaks for itself as a ground breaking 70s movie that put Mark on the map. I find him to be extra special as he stayed in the genre continuing to work in whatever capacity possible. Christopher's Superman was also a ground breaking 70s movie which just continues to amaze me as I cannot take my eyes off of it no matter how many times it appears on tv. What a great and ironic 70s combo of birthdays on the same day.

  3. Superman is the ULTIMATE Superhero movie as far as I'm concerned, thanks largely to Christopher Reeve's amazing presence, impeccable timing and dynamic range as an actor. He will NEVER be surpassed, and is greatly missed! The Dark Knight, Avengers Assemble, Spider-Man...none of them even come close. Even the movie's spine-tingling, ground-breaking and never-less-than-spellbinding title sequence brings a smile to my face! As for Star Wars and the Great Luke Skywalker...where would we be without them? September 25th - a great day indeed!

  4. Christopher Reeve's performance as Superman remains the best for me. He clearly displayed the character's strength, but more importantly, he captured his vulnerability at being an alien on Planet Earth. Terrific stuff

  5. Reeve was a great Superman. I wasn't as crazy about his Clark Kent. Superman 2 is my favorite of the Superman films. Hamill is actually my favorite Joker because his voice really brought the animated Joker to life and made him exactly how I had always pictured the character would be.