Monday, September 24, 2012

LOGAN'S RUN (1977) Look-in Cover

Another terrific Logan's Run cover, this time from the January 1978 issue of the British children's magazine, Look-in. I don't know for sure who the artist is, but it looks like it could be by Arnaldo Putzu, an acclaimed movie poster artist who did many covers for the magazine. If any of my readers from across the pond can confirm or correct that attribution, I'll happily update this post. Whoever painted it, I love it.

Plus Top Bionic Action!

ADDENDUM: Several Star Kids - both here and over on the Space: 1970 Facebook page - have confirmed my suspicion that the art was by the great Arnaldo Putzu - and passed along the sad news of the artist's recent passing. I didn't grow up with Look-in, but since I've been scouring the Internet for cool stuff to share on this blog, I've come to really appreciate Putzu's impressive cover renditions of so many of my childhood favorites, and, of course, as a film buff, I really dig his many iconic movie posters.

R.I.P., sir.


  1. I think it is. Alas he passed away a few days ago.

  2. Great art work . I used to buy this mag and the eagle comic back in the 80s, i wish i still had them, i gave booxes of them away to my high school to sell at a christmas yard sale in the 90s, i could kick my self for dooing that, they woould make great reading now

  3. I had a few copies of Look In as a kid. Didn't really like it very much. The comic strip art was often pretty shoddy. The rival magazine, TV Comic, had Battle of the Planets, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Gerry Anderson strips. But the art wasn't any better in that mag, either.

    Still... the publication is not without its nostalgic quality, I suppose.

  4. I used to get Look-In, but much like 'Anon' (above), I never really rated it much. The comic strips were pretty routine. It was really only good for it's colour pull-out posters.
    As for the 'Logan's Run' issue, it's one I didn't have. The cover art has a very familiar Look-In style though. It's certainly the same guy that did the 'Six Million Dollar Man' and 'Incredible Hulk' covers

  5. Honestly, I like the original 1976 MGM film better. It just seemed to me that the Logan's Run TV series was just a low budget remake of the 1976 box office summer blockbuster hit.

  6. "It just seemed to me that the Logan's Run TV series was just a low budget remake of the 1976 box office summer blockbuster hit."

    Well, duh... that's what it was.

    Doesn't mean that it didn't have any value at all, though. After all, the TV series M*A*S*H was a low budget remake of the 1970 box office hit movie, but it stood on its own.

    I'm not really comparing the two shows (M*A*S*H was obviously a classic, while Logan's Run was a ratings flop), but just being derived from a feature film doesn't automatically mean it's in any way unworthy of attention.

    When I reviewed the series on DVD a while back, I noted that it had some good characters and some interesting stories. If it had lasted longer, who knows? It might have gotten pretty good....