Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cosmic Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. What was it Leia said in "The Empire Strikes Back" about kissing a Wookie?
    Did she get a good kiss? Is Han jealous? Are we?
    I really liked the inclusion of McDowell and Kim Hunter from "Escape From The Planet Of The Apes too.
    And If I'm not mistaken Gil Gerard has a bit of a smug expression being next to Space Babe Erin Gray.

    Nice choices. Thanks Chris

  2. Nice! Next time more unexpected kisses :)

  3. Well, we knew there was something going on between Leia and Chewie when we saw this:

    (Those long, cold, Hoth nights, I guess! lol!)

  4. Very nice and funny. The pattern of couples is great being broken up with a Starbuck love triangle. Nice themed admission Chris.