Monday, March 25, 2013

70's Sci-Fi Topps Trading Card Flyers

I collected a lot of Topps bubblegum cards back in the 1970's. I had tons of Star Wars cards (blue, red, yellow and green series) almost all of the Galactica cards (and still have most of them), and a small stack of Buck Rogers cards. I didn't collect the Superman or Hulk cards, but I seem to remember buying some Star Trek - TMP sets.

Anyway, here, courtesy of Star Kid (and Dark Shadows aficionado) Cousin Barnabas (of the Collinsport Historical Society), are a selection of colorful promotional flyers produced by Topps to interest retailers in carrying their various Space: 1970-era photo cards. Enjoy!


  1. Great stuff, thanks for posting those. Most of these sets came to the UK, except the Hulk ones, which I'm already annoyed about. I managed to collect the full sets too, which took some doing. The Galactica series ran to 100+ cards I seem to remember. Has anyone got a flyer for the Black Hole set?

  2. Awesome. The Topps cards were a regular purchase for me as a kid, whenever I went to my local store.

    Star Wars, Galactica, Buck Rogers, Alien, The Black Hole... loved 'em all!

  3. The funny story about this..: I was working in a department store back in '80 and they still had some unopened boxes of Galactica cards, so I actually bought one (box and all) from the store. Being so irritated that BSG was cancelled, I wanted any/all of the merchandising I could still find.

    I opened the wrappers and yes, I ended up with 2-3 full sets of cards, but NO STICKERS..!! Whaaat a rip. It wasn't until years later that I realized there even were BSG stickers.

    Very Annoying.

  4. I remember hunting for that elusive orange set.
    It's so interesting how much those Topps cards were part of the movie for me. Before VCRs, any image I could get would give me that feeling of watching the film again.

    1. Yeh, agree. Great value, pre-VCR days. They always managed to get a few rare pics in among the set too, didn't they? Although the later Star Wars sets did have a lot of repetition too. Jawas and Sand People from every possible angle

  5. The flyer for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is especially nice.

  6. Very nice, i have a huge stack of black hole cards somewhere in my folks attic

  7. I keep hoping one of these Retro TV Channels like Cozi TV, Antenna, or one of the other ones will carry The Hulk. I missed out on that show at the time, and think they might be fun to watch.

  8. Remember when a pack of cards cost about 15 cents, included a stick of gum and were sold mainly at places like convenience stores? The orange Star Wars set in particular was a big deal for featuring "cantina scenes."

  9. I loved collecting these. I remember collecting the Galactica set here in England, I went ages with a full set minus one, then they disappeared. Then one day I went into a sweet shop and they had one packet, I bought it and when I opened it, it had the one card I wanted. It was like finding the Golden Ticket from Charlie and the Choclate family.