Thursday, March 7, 2013

Captain's bLog: 0307.13

  March has gotten off to a bit of a slow start, but I'm hoping to get back to regular posting here next week. Look for reviews of The Questor Tapes, The Aliens Are Coming and the Cathy Lee Crosby 1974 Wonder Woman TV pilot on the site in the next few weeks, along with the usual mix of sci-fi memorabilia, and vintage video clips.

I picked up Warner's Blu-ray edition of Westworld on Tuesday, and it's a very nice disc, with a fine HD transfer of Michael Crichton's seminal sci-fi film. It had been a few years since I'd seen it, and I'd forgotten that Majel Barrett (Star Trek) and Jared Martin (of The Fantastic Journey) had small parts in the movie. I also found it amusing that Alan Oppenheimer, the original Dr. Rudy Wells from The Six Million Dollar Man, played the Delos supervisor responsible for the androids.

The inclusion of the Beyond Westworld pilot (as I reported a few days ago) on the disc was a nice bonus, and I encourage anyone who'd like to own the entire short-lived series to visit the Warner Archive Facebook page, and make a public request. If they get enough interest, I think chances are good that they'll release it as a MOD disc.

I'll be posting a full review of the Westworld Blu-ray on my DVD Review site, DVD Late Show, early next week.... and it probably should go without saying that I'm looking forward to Shout! Factory's forthcoming Futureworld Blu-ray release, due out later this month.

Stats: It's been a while since I've looked at the numbers, but when I checked today, I was pleased to find that the Star Kid Legion continues growing at a formidable rate! The blog here now has over 500 followers, and the Space: 1970 Facebook page currently has1,264 "Likes!" On Twitter, under my "AtomicPulp" handle, I've just passed 400 followers, many of whom are there just for the blog updates, I'm guessing.

•  Blatant Cross-Promotion: First, I want to remind you all that my new weekly sci-fantasy webcomic, Perils On Planet X, drawn by the talented Gene Gonazles, can be read for free at  This serialized interplanetary swashbuckler sees a new page posted every Friday, and chronicles the adventures of modern-day Earth astronaut Donovan Hawke, stranded on the lost planet of Xylos, hundreds of millions of years in the past. The story is packed with monsters, beautiful women and lots of Flash Gordon/Blackstar-styled thrills. I hope you'll check it out, bookmark it, and follow the comic each Friday.

Anyone who enjoys my writing and the DVD reviews on this blog should check out my DVD Late Show site, where I have been reviewing B-movies, cult films and genre television shows on DVD and Blu-ray disc since 2005. Among the over 700 reviews on the site are plenty of Space: 1970-era favorites, like Battle Beyond The Stars, Damnation Alley, Starcrash, The Starlost, the Space: 1999 Blu-rays, and many more.


  1. Just in case you're not aware already, i thought that you would like to know that just reported today that the Season Two Blu-ray of Space:1999 is now officially listed for pre-order with a May 7th release date. I was starting to think that this was not going to be released so this comes as very welcome news.

    1. Thanks Michael. According to the TV Shows on DVD site, there's some doubt as to the accuracy of Amazon's pre-order listing. I'm watching the situation, and will post something about it shortly. :)