Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Behind-The Scenes Pix #41: STAR WARS

I missed it, but yesterday was George Lucas' 69th birthday. Like every first-generation Star Wars fan, I have my issues with Lucas' choices and handling of the franchise he's created over the years... but I cannot forget that it's ultimately his vision, and we're all just very lucky to have had a chance to share in it. Star Wars changed the world - and the lives of plenty of Star Kids - in a lot of ways, and it all started with Lucas.

Here's the man himself, directing Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford on the set, way back in 1976...


  1. Lucas got engaged a couple of months ago, too.
    To Mellody Hobson.

  2. Harrison Ford seems to be thinking of his future stardom, while mark Hamill seems to be looking ahead to...Corvette Summer.