Monday, May 6, 2013

STAR MAIDENS (1976) Paperback Novelization

"On Medusa, the laws of nature had decreed that the female of the species should reign supreme - leaving the lesser able males to take care of domestic chores, nursery duties and other menial tasks.

For eons, the Medusan women ruled their world. But then Medusa entered the orbit of Earth, and rumour got out that here was a planet controlled almost entirely by men... a paradise planet to which two of the most rebellious manservants managed to escape, so beginning the feud between Earth and the incredible Star Maidens..." 

Yes, I still intend to review the Star Maidens (1976) German-British television series here at Space: 1970. I have the DVDs on hand, and just need to carve out some time to sit down and watch the whole series from beginning to end. I've enjoyed the episodes I've seen so far, and want to watch the rest... I just haven't gotten to it yet.

Here's the cover to the Corgi UK paperback tie-in novel by Ian Evans. I do not own a copy. Wouldn't mind having one, though...


  1. I wish I could find my review of the first couple of episodes of this show. It's so amazingly stupid but sincere in it's message about men and women working together. It's a sceam with desperately poor special effect. Two car car chases through the English countryside is as close as it gets to excitement. But I love how only TWO astronomers were able to see a WHOLE RREAKING PLANET coming towards Earth starts to stretch things for me. That script needed a few more trips round the table. But very funny.

  2. The Star Maidens TV series was great goofy fun. I had no idea it had been successful enough to spawn a novelisation.

  3. I only recently discovered Star Maidens. I wish I could've watched the show when it first aired. All the episodes are on youtube. It is a slice of science fiction right out of the 70's. It's great fun and I wish they had made more than 1 season of 13 episodes. As for "cheap special effects".... This show is just as good as Star Trek or Space 1999 as special effects go. ;)