Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kenner 12" Boba Fett!

"That's why you got the job!" I never had any of the large-sized Star Wars action figures - hell, I had very few of the small ones - but I would have loved to own this cool Boba Fett doll. And Darth Vader (sold seperately), for that matter....

Posting has been light here of late as I've been concentrating on other projects and, frankly, recharging the nostalgia batteries. About a month or so ago, I started to feel a bit exhausted trying to come up with material to maintain nigh-daily Space: 1970 updates, and although I didn't really plan it, I obviously needed a break.

Regular posting will resume shortly. Stay tuned....


  1. I only had the big Chewbacca. He was pretty lame, he couldn't bend his arms or legs. Not having any other big Star Wars figures we ended up using him with our Six Million Dollar Man toys as Bionic Bigfoot's buddy.

    It looks like Boba Fett really rocked!

    Don't feel bad about not posting lately. It's your blog, it should be fun for you, not a job.

    Thanks for the memories!

    Ontario Alan

  2. I enjoy your posts regardless of frequency. This Boba Fett doll was one of my favorite toys. Right there with my Space: 1999 Eagle. I didn't really pretend he was Boba Fett. I just played with him as a cool space guy. Lots of fun. Great toy.

    You know, my back yard was never as cool as the kids in catalogs and commercials. I pile of rocks would have been fantastic. Until bugs moved in I suppose. Being from coastal Florida, gigantic bugs moved into everything outside.

  3. Enjoy the blog.... Cool post, I had the Vader doll. Good times.

  4. Excellent post. More than anything else, I wanted to say thank you for creating/maintaining this blog. You. Are. Awesome!

  5. Thanks for posting all this stuff Chris. If you stopped doing it today, you still have already created quite an archive of memories for us 1970's space kids. I am 46 and starting to feel like I am not quite part of the zeitgeist. This summer I have been reliving the original STAR TREK series with my wife. We are loving it. Thank you for this place on the internet to relive memories and connect with others like us.

  6. I only had two of the large-sized Star Wars figures: Boba Fett and, for some odd reason, Ben Kenobi.

    Boba Fett was really cool. He had a lot more "action" and accessories than the rest of the line. Kenner even gave him a "bionic eye" like Steve Austin.

    I sold mine on eBay about 10 years ago which I now kind of regret. I don't collect Star Wars, but he would have been a cool one-off item to have in my collection.

  7. My brother had the large-sized Darth Vader and my sister had Princess Leia. They had kept them in near mint condition and even had them in the boxes until about 15-20 years ago when my parents' house suffered a termite invasion and my mother threw them out in a fit of panic. What a waste!

    Chris, I'd like to join the chorus in thanking you for maintaining this treasure trove of Space Kid memories.

  8. Agree with all of the other posters. We come back to read the cool articles and share in your memories.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  9. I had the boba fett and the IG88 as well,I`ve still got them somewhere,ahh christmas 1980