Thursday, September 19, 2013

THE INVISIBLE MAN (1975) is Dynamite!

The editors of Scholastic Magazine's Dynamite sure loved cover-featuring 70's genre television, including more than a few one-season wonders like 1975's The Invisible Man, starring David McCallum, Melinda Fee (The Aliens Are Coming) and Craig Stevens.The show was NBC's "answer" to rival network ABC's hugely successful bionic adventure show, The Six Million Dollar Man, and even shared many of the same creative personnel. Unfortunately, it only lasted a mere 13 episodes before fading away....

Not at all coincidentally, today is David McCallum's 80th birthday. Here's wishing him a great one!


  1. I have that magazine! I used to buy them every month when the Scholastic order forms would be passed out in class.

    I recently finished watching my DVDs of The Invisible Man, and think that the show was improving as the season progressed. I particularly liked the playful humor between the lead actors.

    In the Charlotte, NC TV market, where I grew up, our local station chose not to air all of the episodes. Instead, they replaced it with Space: 1999, in primetime!

    Oh...and one other an adult, I can appreciate the creative decision to have him be an invisible man who is wearing a mask to be visible...but I try not to examine that choice too closely. For example, what about the inside of his mouth? When he opens his mouth, shouldn't you simply see the inside of the mask? As I said...I try not to think about that too much...ha ha...

  2. This is one show I have YET to watch.. LOVE McCallum, in nearly everything he does..

    I sure wish they would have proceeded with that UNCLE series they planned in the late '70s (we only saw the 'telemovie'/pilot..). Apparently both stars were interested, but CBS opted for that 'Chimp who goes to Washington' series (can't recall the name..), which ended up lasting for 6 or so episodes.

    Blithering Idiots.

  3. You know what would have been cool? If all the 1970s-era spy-fi shows (in this case, I define "spy-fi" as where the hero has superhuman abilities and works for the government) had worked together on a massive cross-network crossover. Imagine an epic storyline where Steve Austin, Jaime Sommers, Mark Harris, Daniel Westin and Sam Casey teamed up to fight a world-threatening menace...

  4. Another mention, I love a lot of these Dynamite covers.., was planning on buyin' a nice copy of the SNL-Gilda Radner one, just to matte-frame in my office, remembering the fun of simpler, innocent teenage years.