Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Third Coolest Toy Ever: Kenner's BIONIC BIGFOOT Action Figure (Holiday Re-post)

This is the third in a series of special re-posts for the holidays, remembering the coolest sci-fi toys of the Space: 1970 era. Hope you enjoy these "reruns" and have a great holiday season.

The third coolest toy of the Seventies was, without a doubt, Kenner's Bionic Bigfoot from the Six Million Dollar Man.

Unlike the terrifying-but-desperately-coveted Kenner Alien, I did own one of these beauties for a while, although, oddly, I never had a Steve Austin action figure. This meant that Bigfoot usually battled my Mego Superman or teamed up with the Planet Of The Apes Gorilla Soldier against Captain Kirk. Man, those were epic backyard confrontations! Bigfoot wasn't particularly well-articulated, but at a towering 15" he was damned imposing - especially when pitted against the smaller-scale Megos.

On a related note - which Bionic Bigfoot did you prefer - Ted Cassidy or André the Giant?


  1. You know. When I see my parents this Christmas, I have to take a moment to tell them what awesome parents they are. Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money, yet, between my brother and I, we owned all of the coolest toys ever. Now, what's cooler than than that!

    1. I think I would have to tell my parents quite the opposite. They didn't have much money either but I got very few of the coolest toys. Luckily though, my parents loved to go to rummage sales and I ended up with most of the toys I wanted at one time or another through this secondary market. Also I got an allowance which allowed me to save up a buy certain toys. They just didn't totally understand my love for space and sci-fi and how deeply it affected me.

  2. was he in the tv show, if so I have to watch that