Monday, February 23, 2015

PLANET OF THE APES (1968) Door Posters

Among the plethora of promotional material created by 20th Century Fox for the original 1968 Planet Of The Apes were these two-color "door panel" posters for theaters, introducing various characters from the film. This kind of giant poster was fairly prevalent in the 60s (I've seen similar ones for the Bond films and other flicks), but became less common in the 70s as studios continued to cut costs on this kind of promotion. Enjoy.


  1. They should have made a few for the other astronauts.

    This is Stewart: She's not going to wake up from her nap.
    This is Dodge: He has his own exhibit in the museum.
    This is Landon: He's the recipient of some free surgery.

  2. This is Nova: She's the reason your dad is coming with you to this movie.

  3. This is Nova: She's married to the head of the studio which produced this movie.

  4. Stewart and Nove were the same person, I think. Anyway, I saw on Mad Men they had Planet of the Apes newspapers for the moviegoers to read. Have you ever seen those anywhere?

  5. Shawn, Stewart was the dead female astronaut left on the ship, Nova was the mute wild girl, and the actresses were different.

    Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a door-sized Zira poster!!!!

  6. What about Cornelius?