Sunday, November 15, 2015

THE IMMORTAL (1970) Coming To DVD In 2016

According to TV Shows On DVD, the short-lived, 1970 science fiction adventure series, The Immortal, starring Christopher George, will be coming to DVD in 2016 from Canadian company, VEI.  The great Christopher George played Ben Richards, a race car driver with a unique blood type containing immunity to all known diseases... and even old age. When an elderly billionaire discovers Richard's secret, he decides to abduct Richards, and keep him captive as a personal blood bank. In tried-and-true genre TV fashion, Richards goes on the run, pursued by the billionaire's hired mercenaries.

Details on the DVD release are sparse at this point, as it was one of about a dozen titles announced last week by VEI (which also released the David McCallum Invisible Man on disc a few years back). Among those other titles, one that might be of some interest to Star Kids is the 1973 series, The Magician, starring Bill Bixby, of The Incredible Hulk.


  1. I'm thinking about picking up The Magician, even though I've never seen it. I've always loved magic tricks and hearing that the tricks on this show were all done without benefit of special effects is a big draw for me. Also, I am just now coming to the end of The Incredible Hulk which I've been watching since buying the series on DVD a few years ago, so Bill Bixby is another draw.

  2. You are not updating as often as before, but you always come with a gem like that. Thank you for that! I have just discovered I had that series in the back of my memory as it was broadcasted in Spain. It was somehow fascinating as he was some sort of superhero but at the same time a normal guy. Was he not able to run without getting tired and that kind of things?

    By the way, have you already talked about the late 70's british TV series like The Tomorrow People, Blake Seven or Children of the Stone? They were also fascinating.

  3. Interesting. I had no idea there was a series based on James Gunn's "The Immortals". Looking forward to it!

  4. I didn't realize "The Magician" was a 1973 program. I can remember watching it as a kid, but it seems like I was older than 5 (my 1973 age) at the time. Bill Bixby owned a lot of my childhood, from reruns of My Favorite Martian to The Courtship of Eddie's Father to The Incredible Hulk. Bixby even debuted on another favorite classic sitcom, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, which I watched a lot of in re-runs. It's funny that I never thought of how much time I spent growing up watching Bill Bixby on the TV.