Friday, January 27, 2017

VULCAN! (1978) Cover Art By Bob Larkin

I remember receiving a copy of Kathleen Sky's original Star Trek novel, Vulcan!, in my Christmas stocking in 1978. I spent the rest of that holiday afternoon at my grandmother's house ignoring my relatives, reading it.

I haven't revisited it in decades (though I still have my original copy), so I can only barely recall the plot. I've since learned that it was based on a spec script the author had submitted to the Trek offices during the Original Series' third year. Supposedly, Roddenberry liked it, but as the show was canceled without a fourth season, the script was never produced. A decade later, she adapted it into a novel for Bantam Books.

I may not remember the story very well, but I never forgot the striking cover art. Here's a scan of the original cover painting by the masterful Bob Larkin, found online.


  1. Oh, I remember that one. Not one of the best of the paperbacks, but in 1978 there wasn't a lot yet out there. I seem to recall that the hot brunette scientist didn't like Vulcans, for whatever reason; I think it was a love affair gone south or something like that. Yes, the cover art is fantastic; it owes a lot to the old sci-fi magazines.

  2. Beautiful work. I have an old copy of the book but I've never gotten around to reading it. Larkin also did the cover for a paperback reprint of the first few issues of Marvel's TMP-era Star Trek comic.

  3. Put them both in Vault 101 jumpsuits (the outfit color is already correct) and viola - you have Fallout artwork! I fought those ants...wish I had a phaser then instead of a rusty rifle.

  4. that can't be vulcan, it has moons. :)

  5. Was Spock left handed? I should probably know that myself but my memory for trivia has degraded. But knowing the ever expanding abilities of Vulcans, they are probably all ambidextrous.

    Beautiful painting, although the ants seem a bit too jejune, though, as a subject matter. The figures are wonderfully rendered. Thanks for posting, I've never even heard of this novel.