Wednesday, December 14, 2011

News: LOGAN'S RUN (1977) TV Series Coming to DVD in April 2012

One of the most popular posts on this site - at least in terms of hits - is the one I posted back in January, when TV Shows On DVD announced that Warner Archive had the 1977 Logan's Run television series in the works for a 2011 release. I've also received tons of e-mails and queries asking whether I had any more information on the projected release, especially as the end of 2011 drew closer without any sign of the popular  program actually showing up on disc.

A couple of months ago, I was actually talking to a fellow who works for Warner Archive, and I asked him what the status of the title was, mentioning how many inquiries I get here at Space: 1970. I wasn't allowed to pass it along at the time, but I was told that Warner Home Video was considering offering it as a traditional retail package instead of as a manufacture-on-demand Archive product. They just hadn't decided yet which format was the most economical.

Well, apparently it's now been decided, since the aforementioned TV Shows On DVD site posted a report today that Logan's Run - The Complete Series will be released wide in stores and to other retail outlets (like Amazon) on April 10, 2012. The 3-DVD set, containing all 14 episodes (including the feature-length pilot episode), is priced at $39.98 SRP. No extras have yet been announced.

I'm a huge fan of the series, which starred Gregory Harrison, Heather Menzies and Donald Moffat, and am very excited by this news. With this much-desired and highly-anticipated video release, I'll now have virtually all of my favorite childhood shows on my DVD shelves.

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  1. Now that is good news. I wonder if the new Logan's Run movie in development was a catalyst to release the complete series in stores?


  2. "I wonder if the new Logan's Run movie in development was a catalyst to release the complete series in stores?"

    I wouldn't be surprised. A predictable portion of the audience for a remake will be people who want to compare the new work to the older one. If such people do not already have the earlier work in their home video collection, or haven't seen the earlier movie at all, they may be prompted to run out and buy (or rent) the earlier movie in preparation. Then everyone will gather in the Web forums to discuss the differences. Many will like the new movie simply because "the FX are better," while a lot of conservative older types will grouch, "they don't make 'em like they used to!"

  3. As a fan of the Logan's Run TV series, this is great news. I used to have recordings of all the episodes (including a couple that were never aired during the show's original network run) when the then-new TNT network aired them back in the early '90s--a pretty big deal at the time because the show hadn't been seen since it was cancelled by the network in 1978. Unfortunately, those videos haven't survived, and once TNT stopped airing the show, it basically vanished all over again.

  4. Fantastic news! I've posted before that I'm a huge fan of the series and will buy it as soon as it comes out. And oh please let there be bonus features! Both Gregory Harrison and Heather Menzies are still with us (thankfully) and I would love commentary from either of them.

  5. Is Heather Menzies as deliciously braless in this show as Jenny Agutter was in the film version? My hazy memory says no....

  6. Count me among the ones who say "they don't make 'em like they used to!" I point to Planet of the Apes and Rollerball as examples off the top of my head.

    Really looking forward to this one.