Friday, December 16, 2011

News: LOGAN'S RUN (1977) TV Series DVD Art

To follow-up on the last post, here's Warner Home Video's artwork for the Logan's Run - The Complete Series DVD set, due in April of 2012.

Pre-Order Logan's Run: The Complete Series


  1. Sci Fi geeks like me were very lucky to have had girls like Heather Menzies to dream about back in the 70's. It was a very special time. I can't think of a modern show with a space babe comparable to our gals from the 70's.

  2. I only wish that the show lasted longer than it did. I heard there was one episode they stopped making after the show was cancelled. I wonder what bonus features they will include.

  3. There were a few episodes in the pipeline but unfortunately they never got made!