Monday, December 19, 2011

Space: 1970 wants you!

I've always welcomed contributions and ideas for the site from the readers of this blog. More than once I've featured artwork that was sent to me or brought to my attention by a faithful Space: 1970 Star Kid, and I'm always grateful when someone sends something cool my way. In the case of pictures/images, I don't currently have a functioning scanner, so lately, I'm kinda at the mercy of what I can find during my periodic Google safaris.

I do try to credit stuff sent to me. I may forget once in a while, but that's just because I'm a doofus. Recently, I was able to feature a couple of vintage Season 2 Buck Rogers ads from TV Guide thanks to reader "Bishop37."

I'm always looking for cool "Behind-the-Scenes" pix, rare promotional artwork, newspaper/magazine ads, or memorabilia, and especially, good-quality pix of our "Space Babes." Specifically, I'm still looking for good pix of Tamara Dobson from Jason Of Star Command, Jean Marie Hon from Ark II and Man From Atlantis, Katie Saylor from The Fantastic Journey, and Maggie Cooper from Space Academy.

Additionally, I'm open to suggestions for articles, reviews or features. Suggestions for "Space Babes," topics for essays, Polls or "Fave Five" lists - are all welcome. Constructive criticisms are appreciated, as well.

Space: 1970 recently celebrated its second anniversary. The site now has over 340 "followers" here on Blogger, and the Facebook fan page is up to 750(!) "likes." My sincere appreciation to everyone for their moral support!

I also want to thank everyone who have used the Amazon links on this site to make purchases (and the few who've expressed their appreciation for the site through generous Paypal donations - if you'd like to contribute, there's a link in the right-hand sidebar). Every little bit helps - if I can manage to buy a new scanner, I've got a lot more TV Guide and newspaper ads to share, and tons of magazines and other memorabilia to cull material from.

If anyone has material to contribute - or suggestions/general comments regarding Space: 1970 - feel free to drop me a line via e-mail.


  1. I have a pretty odd collection of magazines. Is it copyright infringement to scan something from the inside of a magazine that's over 30 years old? I personally have no problem doing it.

  2. Mark, technically it is but if you're just putting it online & for non profit I shouldn't worry and at worst you'll just get a cease and desist message. It would only become an issue if you started selling a book like "Best of Starlog" without getting permission from anyone

  3. I would like it if you were to include things(maybe you do and I missed them) that were inspired by "Space: 1970 Things". For example, the remake of Battlestar Galactia(which I am currently watching again). It would open up new possibilities for Space Babes. Kandyse McClure, Nicki Clyne and Tricia Helfer(from my province) to name a few.