Thursday, January 26, 2012


I didn't just build spaceship models as a kid. I also assembled at least three Six Million Dollar Man "action" diorama kits: "Jaws of Doom," "Bionic Bustout," and "Fight For Survival!" They were rather sophisticated snap-together kits, and fairly-well detailed, as I recall. I'm pretty sure that they all had detachable sleeve and pants leg pieces that could be removed to expose the bionic workings underneath, as well.

The Fundimensions company produced at least two other Steve Austin models (one where he's tackling a biker on a motorcycle and one of the bionic man on a laboratory table), but I only remember having these three. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the alligator from "Jaws Of Death" is still in a box of miscellaneous childhood debris in my parents' basement. My favorite, though, was "Bionic Bustout," because it portrayed Steve in mid-jump, and I thought that was way cool.

One thing - I don't think I ever painted my Six Million Dollar Man models. I would have been about eleven or twelve when I assembled these kits, and the sort of control and precision that would have been necessary to paint them properly was well beyond my skill. (And the last time I saw that alligator, he was still white.) Who else remembers having these cool kits?


  1. I had all 3 kits, just finished the 'Bionic Bustout' one, man I spent ages on that getting the detail right.... it looked awesome. Sadly had all the kits in newly boxed form but sold them a few years ago :+{

  2. I remember these bits of goodness!

    Great models. The 'Fight for Survival' is, to my recollection, the only model kit I ever built that featured a hero in a leisure suit!

    1. I'm building mine after starting it 20 years ago ad then losing interest in modeling. I have started back modeling in 2013 and this kit is building completed now. I even had to put a little shine on the
      polyester leisure suit

  3. The only one I had was the Bionic Bustout and that was from a mail order dealer back in 1983.I did get it built and painted and if I recall correctly,it survived and is now in storage with some other belongings in Montana.(Where my ex now lives.)

  4. I remember building the Bionic Bustout kit right after it came out and wondering if the pegs would really keep Steve suspended. My faith in Testors tube cement was never very strong, but it worked that time!

  5. I got the "Bionic Bustout!" too and also never painted it. I still have it stored away in a big box with all my built '70s model kits from my childhood.


  6. A friend of mine had the 'Jaws of Doom' kit, and I was amazed as a kid at the detail it had... even the briefcase of money was crisply molded with nice detail! I always wanted the whole series of kits, but never got around to getting them. Any model companies reading this? Re-release, PLEASE!
    As for the lab model, I think that was actually a Bionic Woman model kit, the only Bionic Woman model released to my knowledge. And that's even IF it got released... it may have been a photo in a catalog of 'coming soon' kits that never actually made it to release. Anybody else know for sure?

  7. There was a fourth kit with a motorcycle being trashed by Steve! I have all four models in sealed boxes, and a couple of other ones built-up! nice stuff :)

  8. Pretty sure I had "Bionic Bustout" - even painted it. But I don't think I glued Steve to the door. Made it easier to take off the panels and expose the "bionics."

    Thanks for brining back a childhood memory I had forgotten.

    And I agree w/ you - I'll take "Death Probe" over the Kartrashians anytime!

  9. I had all 3 of these kits, but can't remember if I had the fourth kit with the biker. I built all 3 but I think I only painted the "Bionic Bustout" one. I had completely forgotten these things even existed until I read this post. Chris, I want to thank you for bringing back fond memories of my youth. And then I want to curse you for giving me the urge to spend way too much money tracking them down on eBay.