Saturday, January 7, 2012

UFO (1970) International Movie Posters

Here's a selection of "fab," International (mostly Italian, I believe) posters for ITC's feature film compilations of episodes from Gerry Anderson's first live-action science fiction series, 1970's UFO, all of them featuring Ed Bishop's Commander Straker. I love how some of them look like James Bond spy movies, while others have a very 50's pulp "alien invasion" vibe - which, now that I think of it, is a pretty fair way of describing the program.

Back in the early days of this blog, I wrote about these UFO "movies" and posted some art from a couple of the film releases, but I knew there were a lot more of them. I've been hunting and collecting scans over the last year or so, and here are the results of my various Google safaris. Gorgeous, aren't they?


  1. BEST.



    (who wishes someone would do a book of these)

    1. It would be a very thick book (and impossible to complete) , I tried to compile images, but there are over 48 fotobustas and thats just from Italy (they have Locandinas & Mephesto posters as well) - I recently got an Egyptian 'UFO - Prendetli ViVi' poster so how many more are there?

  2. Based on the poster alone I would like to see UFO Distruggete Base Luna.

  3. That second to the last one is kinda racy. I like it.

  4. Exquisite. These great posters almost excuse the butchery required to produce the compilation films.

  5. You should also check out the UFO fotobustas!
    The Italian fotobusta is like a FOH/Lobbycard still but is printed on paper and is as big as a poster. And there are usually 8-12 of them for each 'film' , they are also interesting as they seem to be a 'compilation' of images so you see something that was never in the 'film' another 'oddity' is they seem to be colourise b/w images so Strker' hair and clothes change colour from one to the other