Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Just when I figured I'd dug up just about all there was worth sharing about the 1979 Canadian-made space opera, The Shape Of Things To Come, I stumbled across this Thai theatrical one-sheet for the flick on eBay. It's similar to the North American posters, but sports completely re-painted art, and it wins my heart by spotlighting the lovely Anne-Marie Martin (a/k/a Eddie Benton) in the composition.

If any movie I've written about on this site qualifies (even in my sci-fi addled mind) as a "guilty pleasure," it's probably this one, as I've watched the Blue Underground DVD edition* of this movie far more often than its cinematic quality warrants.

But what can I say? The very existence of this blog itself illustrates just what a sucker I am for anything with miniature spaceship effects, robots, and pretty girls in spandex... and The Shape Of Things To Come has them all, cheap and derivative as the film may be.

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  1. I have fond memories of the movie, but I know that was from viewing it at ten years old. I saw a clip of it on YouTube and shook my head. If I watched it now, I would be too critical of it. Maybe one day I'll be ready to view it again and appreciate it. Is that a plunger that she's holding as a weapon? :)

  2. If only the movie had been as exciting as the poster made it seem,huge robots,blasters,spaceships,but the reality was a little disappointing the robots weren't that big and there wasn`t a blaster in sight,still as a 10 yr old I was pretty happy to just see the thing back in the day as it was never widely released in new zealand

  3. I love how this has one of the classic movie poster motifs: everyone running out of an explosion, coming right at the viewer. I think most of the sci-fi and disaster movies of the era incorporated that image into their posters, somewhere...

  4. I wanted for years to see this movie based on seeing the movie posters and a picture or two in Starlog. I didn't see it until it came out on DVD a few years ago. it has many flaws, but I still watch it a few times a year.


  5. I need to pick this up. I've never seen or heard of it, but it looks like something I would love.
    Anne-Marie/Eddie's hair, costume, pose and expression on this poster are very "Erin Gray/Wilma Deering!" LOL! I really loved her in the so-bad-it's-awesome horror flick "Prom Night."

  6. The "moon city" is actually "Ontario Place" an all to recognized landmark in Toronto. Suspension of disbelief was kind of tough for me and my friends when we saw it (in french).

    I think a lot of the earth scenes were filmed not too far from where I grew up, it's where they filmed "Deadly Harvest" (another Canadian sci fi masterpiece) and the opening winter scenes from the first "X Men" movie.