Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PLANET OF THE APES Toy Guns by Mattel

These toy weapons definitely wouldn't fly today (can't give kids toy firearms anymore), but you have to admire Mattel's shameless repackaging/recycling of some leftover plastic Western & WWII rifles and revolvers as Planet Of The Apes playthings. Just add a couple of POTA logo stickers and a cheap, Ben Cooper-styled ape mask, and you're ready to go!

This ad appears to have originated from a retailer's sales brochure or industry trade magazine. Does anyone remember seeing these as a kid? Or have one?


  1. Ah the good old days! Think I had the Tomson....)

  2. I vividly recall seeing this for sale at a local department store back home. Boy, but did I desperately want to buy one of these to get that Ape mask. Thanks for another "blast from the past" post, Christopher.


  3. I don't recall if it was these kits but I do remember us as kids holding "human hunts" with ape masks and fake weapons

  4. I had the machine gun. When I was about 13, I bought a $2 dark beard and wig, then cut it and glued it to the mask. I was super proud of it.