Monday, April 4, 2016

Behind-The-Scenes Pix #52: THE BLACK HOLE

When the inevitable robot rebellion comes... will it look like this?

Some of the cybernetic stars of Gary Nelson's 1979 sci-fi epic for Disney, The Black Hole, pose for a group portrait, presumably during a UK publicity tour. The 'bots are on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne with the Tyne Bridge in the background.

Thanks to Star Kid Jeremy Briggs, who identified the location of the photo over on the Space: 1970 Facebook page.


  1. Really cool pic. Will we ever get this movie on Blu-ray? The "Major Effects" episode of The Wonderful World of Disney (with Joseph Bottoms) wold make a great special feature. Just saying.

  2. I would love a Black Hole Blu-ray too, the film has its flaws but the visuals aren't one of them, it's a stunningly imagined science fiction environment. Great pic, too.

  3. Yes, I have been patiently waiting for this movie to come to Blu-ray. Disney, make it happen. :)

  4. Disney has no interest in this movie, except to remake it. And I think that it should be remade.